Saturday, September 26, 2009

Another Haircut Post

So I call this his first big boy haircut. Gigi trimmed above his ears a little while ago, but it was definitely time for the real deal. He was shaggy and I needed a professional. I tried to wait until he was a year old, but we are all about being clean cut in our house so it was time...

Ben doesn't really look like he is buying this whole car story...he is too smart for all our tricks :)

Now he is looking at Ms. Maria like what in the h-e-double hockey sticks do you think you are going to do with that thing???

Now, my big man is just plain traumatized. But, for some bizarre reason I LOVE this picture. Obviously after it was all said and done Benjamin and Mommy are all smiles. Having your own baby is so cool.

Naughty Naughty

I promise I only looked away for a second. Benjamin is all over the place and into everything he can get his little hands on....and he is a quick little guy!
And then he looks over at me with this face. Who can resist this face?? It is a cute little face and at this point I could really care less about the mess.
But as soon as he sees me, he flashes that smile to distract me so he can flee the scene of the crime. Scary!

Happy Birthday Ava

Still playing catch up...hang in there :) OK, so just a few days after Ava started back to school we celebrated her 7th birthday. Yes, I said she turned 7. Sigh.
It was a Thursday so we decided to have an impromptu birthday party after school with two of the little girls that live on our street and who she now goes to school with.
I made a cake. It was shaped like a heart and it tasted good. It also looked like a second grader made it, fitting I think.
We all had a great time that evening. Ava went on to celebrate her birthday throughout that week and into the next with more parties and more cake. I can't wait for #8! (Well, really I want her to stay a little girl forever so I guess that is a lie.)

Better Late than Never

OK, OK, so I am a little behind in posting. But I am determined to catch up, starting with Second Grade. The second grade....really?? I honestly can't believe how time is flying by. Ava was all ready to start school this year, or at least go school clothes shopping anyway :)Please take special note of the very mature messenger bag in place of the traditional backpack. She is ahead of her time. What can I say??
Big time second graders tie their own shoes and apparently have LOTS of homework. Welcome to the real world my Love!

And like many of her peers, all Ava wants for Christmas this year is her two front teeth. She has the lisp & everything, it is pretty priceless.