Monday, December 13, 2010

July- Busted!...again!

I only left the room for a minute- I promise!!

His middle name is TROUBLE!

May! Fun Inside...

One weekend day I stumbled upon this when I opened the pantry door. Ava has gotten pretty creative at finding placed to do her art that her little brother can't get into it :)

I think we need to start saving for the A&M School of Engineering. Gig 'Em Ags!!

What a Man!!!

What can I say? I looooove this :)

April "Locks of Love"


During! (She does not seem so sure about this anymore :)


Ava decided all on her own that she wanted to cut off her loooooong ponytail and donate it to Locks of Love. What a sweet girl she is! As much as I love her beautiful long hair, I can't imagine a better gift she could give. She was a great sport about the whole thing and turns out she is pretty darn cute in her new short cut.

April's Big News

We are pregnant!! I swore swore swore that we would not get pregnant in April so our baby would not have a December birthday. But.... after giving it to God we found that he had other plans for us :) Baby Leicht 2010 is due December 23rd! Who is ready for a Christmas baby??