Thursday, October 8, 2009

Our Third Anniversary

Matt and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary on September 30Th. We decided to bite the bullet and go away together without the kids. This was our first time to leave Benjamin for any length of time. We were thrilled to get the chance to spend some uninterrupted time together, but I have to admit that unlike our previous trips this particular ride to the airport was filled with more apprehension than excitement. No worries though...I knew Benjamin was in good hands and by the time we landed in San Diego I was plenty excited. After we arrived in San Diego, we made our way to the cruise terminal, checked our luggage, and checked ourselves in. We had a few hours before the boat was taking off so we decided to take a cab over to Coronado Island for lunch.
We had been to Hotel Del Coronado a few years before during a work conference. We remembered that we had enjoyed a fantastic lunch there and took off to see if the scenery was as pretty as we remembered it to be.
Hotel Del Coronado is a beautiful historic hotel where the Marilyn Monroe movie "Some Like it Hot" was filmed. We had a really nice lunch and overall, it was a pretty great way to spend the afternoon I must say.
So eventually we made our way to the cruise ship and we were on our way to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. And this is what we saw when we got there! Isn't it absolutely gorgeous? The weather was perfect and the views were even better!
When we got off the ship we took a small boat for a cruise around the harbor and the bay. We saw Lover's Beach & Land's End, then we had a water taxi drop us off at a local beach.
Once on the beach we rented a jet ski and tootled around the bay for a while. It was the most fun! We were both impressed with Cabo and hope to visit there again.
In fact we had a very serious discussion about our future vacations there over a fruity drink as we pulled away and headed back to San Diego that evening :)
We had two days at sea to relax and have fun. We ate lots of yummy food, drank some good wine, and just hung out. I have to say I was feeling very relaxed and spoiled after a couple of lengthy and luxurious spa appointments! Yea me!
It was so great to spend some time as a couple and focus on one another. It was romantic, fun, and something I hope we make time to do as the years go by. While we were gone, Mr. Ben and Ava stayed with Gigi and later with Aunt Amy and Uncle Shane. Gigi posted pictures on Facebook so I could keep tabs from the cruise ship. I was really grateful that I could see how much fun they were having whenever I was missing the little munchkins! We were so happy to see them when we got home and I think they were happy to see us too. Now we have to get busy planning our next adventure....I wonder what it will be?